Sun.Nov. 4Windswept Farm - Opening Hunt *11:00 am
Wed.Nov. 7Howard Farm10:00 am
Sat.Nov. 10Fair Hill Farm10:00 am
Sun.Nov. 11Mt. Harmon Paper Chase10:00 am
Wed. Nov. 14Lobb Creek Farm10:00 am
Thurs.Nov. 15Members Meeting - Mule Skinner Lodge **  7:00 pm
Sat.Nov. 17MAWC Benefit at Elkridge Hunt11:00 am
Sun.Nov. 18Starkey Farm - Junior Hunt11:00 am
Wed.Nov. 21Golden Ridge10:00 am
Sun.Nov. 25Joint Meet at Goshen Hunt11:00 am
Wed. Nov. 28TBD10:00 am

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*Opening Hunt.  Hunt Breakfast at 3:00 pm, Suicide Bridge Restaurant, courtesy of the Courtneys. 

** Pot Luck - Contact Donna Stutzman

Call 410-270-1595 or 302-822-4646 to confirm 3 hrs. before meet. Guests, please follow instructions on & arrive 45 minutes early with pre-signed release & cap fee in envelope with name on outside and deliver to Secretary or a Master.

A fixture card, properly received is an invitation to hunt. A cap fee of $100/adult & $25/junior (except for a junior hunt) shall be paid to the Field Secretary. A guest must be accompanied by their host member. Give every consideration to land owners through whose courtesy and kindness hunting is made possible.

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Foxhunting on Delmarva

If you enjoy riding and think you would like to participate in the time honored tradition of mounted foxchasing in a natural setting, we invite you to contact one of our directors to learn how you can participate in one of our many activities. Organized hunts are held every Wednesday and Sunday from Opening Day in November through the end of March, with cub hunting in October occurring at the discretion of the Masters and Huntsman, prior to Opening Day.  


Est. 1929

Here's a beautiful photo essay on foxhunting from the Washington Post.  Click here


MD ~ 410-270-1595    DE ~ ​302-822-4646

​November 2018

​​​​​​​​HUNT CLUB 


Masters of Foxhounds                                               Honorary Secretary
Jim Griffin         302-381-0527                                  Melissa Wade 410-271-2580
Jane Rhoades     410-200-8821                                                                                    
Kris Gowl           410-490-4275                                  Huntsman

Ed Fry                410-739-5000                                   Marty Morani