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What if my horse is green or has never been fox hunting?

If you are concerned about taking a green horse foxhunting, maybe you should consider having an experienced foxhunter take them out for their first few hunts. This will give your horse a lot of confidence in trying a new sport. Or, if you would prefer to bring green horse along yourself, we invite you to bring them on mounted hound exercises during the summer.

Mounted hound exercises are a great low key way to introduce green horses to the hustle and bustle of forty hounds running to and fro, as well as riding in a larger group of horses.

What if I do not have a horse?

If you are interested in foxhunting but do not have a horse, consider leasing one for the season, or even for one hunt. Many hunt members have experienced hunt horses suitable for riders who have not hunted before. Contact the Secretary or one of the Masters for more information.

Do I have to buy all of the traditional hunting clothes?

You do NOT have to go buy everything listed on the Attire/Etiquette page before trying fox hunting!

What if I want to try fox hunting, but I would rather not jump obstacles or ride at the pace necessary to keep up with hounds?

There is a non jumping, slower group of riders at every hunt. This group follows the faster, jumping crowd at a more leisurely pace. A slower paced group is a perfect place for a young horse or a young/new rider to experience foxhunting for the first time

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