Est. 1929

​​​​​​​​HUNT CLUB 


Hunting Dues

Adult                                                                                       $1,200
Family                                                                                     $2,000

   Intermediate (18-29 yrs.)                                                           $300   
Junior                                                                                         $150
Social                                                                                         $200

Capping Fees
Adult                                                                                          $100

Adult (prior to opening meet)                                                      $50

Intermediate                                                                                 $35
Junior (14-18 yrs.)                                                                        $25
Junior (13 & under)                                                                     Free

 Capping is by permission of a Master.  Only three (3) caps allowed per season, including autumn hunting and regular season hunting.  After three (3) caps, a membership is required.  Children under 18 are not limited to three (3) caps.  All capping dues are payable at the meet.  It is your responsibility to locate the hunt Secretary and make payment and provide your signed release in an envelope with your guest's name on the outside and signed release and cap fee inside.  

 Rules and Reminders from the Masters

No hunting allowed without submission of a completed release form prior to any club activity and payment of dues by September 1.  All children (under 18 years) must be chaperoned at all times by a hunt member or an adult individual approved by a Master.  Hound walking is by invitation of a Master and payment of membership or capping fee. 

To check fixture card or confirm meet locations, visit our website www.wicomicohunt.com or call the

hotline at 410-270-1595.

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